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Life Saving Incident

February 20, 2022
Clark County

On Feb. 20, Officer Siem was dispatched to a call about a suicidal woman who was intoxicated and bleeding from self-inflicted cuts, Chief Brooks said. The woman had been video chatting with a friend before she lost consciousness. Officer Siem found the woman in her bedroom, and attempted to wake her multiple times, Brooks said. Officer Siem was familiar with the woman’s history of substance abuse, and administered Naloxone nasal spray to counteract the effects of a suspected opioid overdose. Chief Brooks said the woman almost immediately regained consciousness. Paramedics arrived on scene and treated her injuries. Chief Brooks said it was Officer Siem’s second time using Naloxone to counteract a drug overdose in the past year.

The history of law enforcement in the United States is a long and wonderful history of bravery. This website is dedicated to documenting the heroic deeds of law enforcement officers throughout the United States who have either given or risked their lives to save others. There are many stories of bravery and heroism for many who are considered first responders. However, it is those in law enforcement who are most likely to be the first to arrive upon a location requiring life saving acts engaging dangerous hostage takers, running into burning buildings/vehicles, providing first aid to seriously injured victims, saving near drowning victims and much more are what the women and men of law enforcement do routinely and at many times, great peril to their own safety.
It is our mission to document the history of lives saved by those dedicated women and men in law enforcement. To share with others the dramatic deeds of those individuals who are the first, first responders. It is so important for our citizens to understand that law "enforcement" is not always about enforcing the law but rather being there when our citizens need us.
It is to this end we are dedicated to promoting documentation regarding the history of law enforcement and the lives they have saved.